Locanda Sant'Agata provides discerning beer enthusiasts with the possibility to try out some of the best craft beers Tuscany, and the world, has to offer, amongst which Nicola Micheletti has decided to include the various brews of the “Piccolo Birrificio Clandestino” in Livorno and “Nani Birrai” in Pisa.

Tasting sessions and special menus created expressly for the new ‘Beeroisseur’ will enable you to discover fascinating combinations of food and beer to feast on.

The Locanda’s offering includes a wide selection of beers ideal for ‘meditating’ or an aperitif, or to finish up your meal in the company of friends clinking frothy pints.

Craft beer brewing is no longer a niche phenomenon ‒ it has conquered a significant portion of the Italian and worldwide public. In recent years, many young master brewers throughout Italy have begun to expertly blaze new, enthusing paths in the field of craft beer. All have their own personal styles, but all seek to bring out the best of the locally sourced ingredients to endow their ‘potions’ with strong personalities and the ability to clearly represent their place of origin.