A meal for all seasons: Locanda Sant’Agata’s restaurant menus follow the rhythms of nature.

Creating a genuine territorial cuisine calls for knowing and respecting the natural cycles of the land. In preparing all his dishes, Luca Micheletti exhibits due respect for the seasons, proposing four different menus depending on the time of the year, so as to always work with fresh, quality ingredients.

From the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Pisan Hills; from the Tuscan countryside to San Rossore National Park, Chef Micheletti exploits all the resources of the territory for his recipes. All these areas give rise to full-flavoured, intensely aromatic, unique dishes: from buckwheat tartlets with San Rossore organic ricotta and strawberry sauce, to green puff-pastries, shellfish-stuffed panzerotti served on a cuttlefish julienne. Also worthy of note are the Pachino cherry tomatoes with fresh basil, Cinta Senese pork in brown stock, not to mention garnished Chianina beef steak slices, the wild boar and fallow deer of San Rossore served in bracconiera sauce, and all the exquisite homemade pastries and sweets.

For holidays, such as on Christmas day or New Year’s Eve, the Locanda also organises special events with exceptional menus.