• Fresh, wholesome fare

    The daily pleasure of fresh homemade wholesome fare


The daily pleasure of fresh homemade wholesome fare. Above all, Locanda Sant’Agata has its clients well-being at heart, and so every dish that emerges from our kitchen is always fresh and of the highest quality. Most originate in two of the mainstays of Italian cuisine: bread and pasta.

Every day the aroma of fragrant warm bread, fresh from the oven, wafts from our kitchen to arrive directly at your table. The flour and other ingredients of the dough are carefully and expertly selected to produce perfect, mouth-watering results. Eggs and flour are thoroughly blended to make all manner of pasta, fresh every day, so as to be able to serve first courses in which the sauce and seasoning amalgamate to perfection with the well-balanced consistency of the fresh pasta.


Desserts are an important part of Locanda Sant’Agata’s culinary proposal. Prepared by hand every day by Chef Luca and his assistants, they ensure that every meal can end in the best possible way ‒on a sweet note.

Along with your dessert, you can choose to indulge yourself with one of our select spirits or dessert liqueurs. Carefully chosen by Nicola Micheletti, a glass of one of these fine liquors is the perfect way to put some exhilarating final touches to your meal.

When it comes to extra virgin olive oil, no place in the world can surpass Tuscany in the quality, taste and enormous variety of its olive cultivars. This is why Locanda Sant’Agata provides its guests with a menu of the different blends of oil available to accompany your meal. You will find the offerings of the best producers in the entire region ‒ all able to faithfully represent centuries of Tuscan tradition.

Moreover, the Locanda is a member of the consortium “Strade dell'Olio” (Oil Paths) of the Pisan Hills and hence serves Oils of the Pisan Hills ‒ a subset of IGP Tuscan Oil (Protected Geographical Indication) obtained from the Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo varieties harvested by hand and cold pressed following the age-old traditions of the Tuscan region.

Therefore, even with regard to the oils we serve, Chef Micheletti fastidiously applies his approach of researching and promoting quality local produce and maintaining direct contact with small producers who work in syntony with and with respect for nature, resulting in a short supply chain, wholesome fresh food and a farm-to-table experience.