• Culinary research

    The search for taste, flavour, the best the territory has to offer, and reliable producersLooking afar, starting with one’s own land.


The search for taste, flavour, the best the territory has to offer, and reliable producers. Looking afar, starting with one’s own land.

Culinary research, especially in a land as rich in history as Tuscany, necessarily involves looking to the past, to tradition, to preserve the excellence built up over time through work and experience.

Chef Luca Micheletti dedicates a large part of his time researching traditional and historical ingredients to reutilise using modern techniques and propose new combinations and new tastes, always showing due respect for this wonderful land and its traditions.

A fundamental part of this research activity is a direct relationship with producers, who are committed to the same philosophy as the Chef.

To this end, the Locanda’s obtains its meats from the butcher shop “Antica Macelleria Cesare Giusti” in San Giuliano Terme, which has for three generations represented the reference point for outstanding workmanship in meats and cold cuts ‒ a feather in the cap of Tuscan meat production.

As for its olive oil, Locanda Sant’Agata, which is also a partner in the consortium “Strade Dell'Olio” (the Oil Paths) of the Pisan Hills, obtains all extra virgin olive oils from certified producers that harvest the olives manually and then use traditional cold pressing methods to best preserve all their organoleptic properties.

The search for quality in the ingredients he uses enables Chef Micheletti to create a cuisine that looks to the future with roots firmly planted in tradition.