• The Chef

    Know the land, know the produce, know the ingredientsconveying the flavours and aromas of Tuscany


 To enjoy the cuisine of Luca Micheletti is to take a journey through the natural flavours and aromas of Tuscany.

Luca Micheletti interprets and transforms the traditional tastes of authentic Tuscan cooking. Enamoured of his land, the Chef chooses only the best, freshest local ingredients to ensure the quality and delectability of his dishes. His long years of national and international experience has taught him how to perfectly calibrate and balance every ingredient and every meal.

By now Luca has been a protagonist on Pisa’s culinary scene for many years. His career as a cook began over thirty years ago under the guidance of the master of all Pisan chefs, Marco Venturini. He then travelled to the United States, where he managed the Restaurant “La Buca” in Philiadelphia for a number of years. On his to return to Tuscany he was chef at the “Indigo” restaurant on the Aurelia state road just outside Pisa and then at the “Foresta”in Marina di Pisa.

In the late '80s Luca felt ready to strike out on his own as proprietor. So he opened the “Vecchio Dado” together with his wife, Anna. For nearly twenty years this small, homey restaurant along the Arno River was the reference point for quality cuisine in Pisa.

Finally, in 2004, seeking new stimuli and new challenges, Luca sold the “Vecchio Dado” and acquired the San Giuliano Terme farm estate, which after suitable restoration with an eye to echo-sustainability would become Locanda Sant’Agata. Steadfastly committed to the original goal underlying the “Vecchio Dado” ‒ quality cuisine strictly tied to the territory and its produce ‒ this undertaking would give life to a project in which good food and hospitality were to be part and parcel of a more comprehensive travel experience.